The best board games – find a new favorite in 2021

There is no shortage of choices when it comes to the best board game, so where do you have to start? ‘Overwhelming’ is an underestimated statement.
That’s where we enter. The GameSradar + team has spent years playing all that can put the collective hand, so we have many suggestions to make you do your search for the best board games. Regardless of whether you hunt down the strategy epic, something for a party, or a quieter alternative you can play as a partner, you will find it here.
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Betrayal at home on the hill

Have you ever wondered how long have you survived as a horror film character? The betrayal at home on the hill lets you find out. It makes a loose player at the house that is revealed with a room with a room, and something evil waiting for you inside. You have to work as a team if you want to get out of there life – especially because one of you is a traitor …

Game Against Office – The Office (TV Series) Themed Game Against

Game Against Office – The Office (TV Series) Themed Game Against

This is an Unofficial Expansion for a similar game. based on the much loved TV series, the Office. A mockumentary on a group of typical office workers, where the workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior, and tedium.

Thousands of people have since enjoyed them!

The US Office is still comedy gold and we are excited that we can now combine their humour with the beloved against game.

It is fun for a while, but when you’ve played the same joke “your mum” joke for the hundredth time, the original pack can get a little boring. Box against office.


The possibility of opposing you from the beginning in a pandemic, but that’s the beauty. Epic co-op is never less than thrilling, and team work – not to mention the ability to think at your feet – is your only hope to win after the disease. It helps reach the top position as one of the best board games as a whole.



Supported by unique battles and settings that remind to Witcher, Gloomhaven is your dream fantasy adventure. The exciting RPG is filled with branching, miniature and world storyline that is influenced by your decision, it is a type of game that you can lose yourself for months.


As you might have expected from the name, Wingspan puts the bird in front and center. Your goal is to attract the greatest variety for your natural reserve, and you will do this through a smart mechanism that forms a satisfying loop. The lack of direct competition also turns it into a relaxed experience and like Zen that you will enjoy regardless of whether you win or lose.



The namesake may have been lost for a long time, but Blockbuster: the game is still alive at the party. The film quiz paced fast and very brutal, but it was never fair. In fact, this is the best board game for gatherings as far as one mile. That’s because you don’t need to be a buff film to be played – no deep knowledge is needed.


Look can cheat, and root is a perfect example. Even though the art style is inviting, it’s about hardcore strategy games as they get. The action takes place in a quiet forest world, but it’s all not good under the trees; The animals that live there want to kick each other, and you have to hatch the scheme that will put them above.

Tickets to ride

Ticket to Ride

Tickets to ride are one of the most relaxed board games on this list, and it makes it a good choice if you want something to play with your family. Consideration and relaxation, this is fun for all ages. Of course, the train theme might not turn on your world burning. But there are bottom flow strategies that unite everything, allowing it to achieve the perfect balance to become family friendly without losing tactical depth.


Catan returns us back to the age of explorer; Faced with uninhabited islands, players must solve them before their opponents do it. And because everyone struggles to civilize the same border, smart maneuvers are the order of that day. Foresight and good communication are also valued thanks to limited island resources, so this favorite 1995 is one of the best board games for players who want more than challenges.

7 miracles

7 Wonders

This can be set for a while, but this board game is not a dusty old relict. Your job is to help the legendary city like Athens achieve greatness through scientific discoveries, trade, military conquest, or by building one of the wonders of the ancient world. Because doing it requires a card from a pond together, you have to keep an eye on what your opponents do to make sure they don’t scupper your plan. 7 miracles.