Online Board Games to Play with Friends or Alone in 2021

Are you looking for the best online board games to play alone or with your friends?
If so, you have landed on the right page! In this article, we share a classic board game that you can play online. We chose them based on the user ratings and positive feedback from people who had played in the past.
But before we proceed to our list, let’s share first with you some of the main points about the difference between online games and physical board games.
Which one you like is very fine as long as you get pleasure and entertainment. But to give you an idea of ​​the difference between physical games and online games, here are discussions about the advantages of both.
Physical gaming is more socially satisfying because of the accompanying interaction, such as eye contact and talks about strategic planning (especially with cooperative games).
In addition, with physical games there is no need to be emphasized about improvement and updates. What you see is what you get. If you want an upgrade, you can buy an expansion set – but your physical board game will never ask you to update to a new version or pay for an upgrade.
On the other hand, if you find that you want to update, the online version is much easier to do. Instead of ordering or going to the store, you simply click the mouse several times and download the set of expansion.
Physical board games are far more beneficial for our health than digital games, because spending a lot of time on computers can cause eye pain and back, the problem of carpal tunnel, and the possibility of other diseases. Given this, your digital gaming must be set strictly to avoid too much time spent online.
But online games are clearly more accessible – you can play anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to bring a group of different board games with you, all you need is your laptop or cellphone. In addition, research shows that online games develop spy coordination. There is even a study that can prove the positive effects of online gaming in people with dyslexia.
Now after you have seen the advantages and disadvantages of both, it’s up to you whether you want to keep playing by playing the physical board game or taking your game online. For those who like the idea of ​​playing board games on their digital devices, here is a list of the best online board games out there!


The online monopoly is equally elegant and classy as a physical board game, except that it is more optimistic and contemporary. It provides the same play experience, because the rules of the game are the same, but you might find it more useful and comfortable.
A rather unique about this online version is that you can play its own monopoly through the “single player” feature. When playing alone, you play against AI who challenges and stimulates the application. Of course, the night game is more pleasant and exciting when played with friends or family, so while this is a good choice if you don’t have anyone to play, we definitely suggest finding some other players.
This monopoly version has an online and offline feature “Multiplayer”. In offline multiplayer mode, the phone acts as a board game, while you and your friends forward it between the round. In Multiplayer mode online, you can connect with your friend’s phone, and even foreigners from all over the world.

Game Against The Iron Throne – G.O.T Game Against (Digital Dowload)

Game Against The Iron Throne – G.O.T Game AgainstAre you one of Die-hard fans? If the answer is yes then we bring you what you will watch and enjoy with your friends.

We bring you a box package on the throne of iron that displays references from all famous show books and episodes.

We bring you a full package containing 58 black cards and 221 white cards which number up to a total of 280 cards. This 280 cardswan package never lets you and your fan friends stay bored for a minute. How to perform against the iron throne.


This is another classic board game with an online version that has been approved by Hasbro. The game rules are the same – you need to find out who killed Mr. Boddy, what weapons are used, and where the crime is committed. Anyone who answers this question first is the winner.
The online version is a product of Marmalade Game Studio, so it’s not surprising that it also has a single and multiplayer player mode. In the former, you compete with AI who challenges the application; In the last, you can enjoy the game with your friends or people from other places.

This application promises “No AD Pop-UPS,” so you can enjoy the game without interruption. It has also been given permission from Hasbro, so you can be sure that there will be no data violations and it’s really safe.

Catan Universe

Catan Universe

If you are a Catan Avid player, you know that classic board games have many expansion devices. It can be very troublesome to buy it individually, but fortunately Catan Universe has everything you need to enjoy all the wonders of the world of Catan.
Catan Universe is a complete package – original board games and card games, along with all expansion sets, in one single cellular game application. You can open it on any device. All you have to do is download the application and create an account.
Note, however, that special features are only available for premium users. You need to subscribe to get access to a complete card game, and there are purchases in other applications. Free features include duel and arrival in Catan. You can also use single player mode for free.

Tickets to ride

Avid board gamers know that if there is a perfect game for tourists, tickets to ride. Aside from the fact that it has a “travel” theme, the board itself is light and can be carried along with adventure.
But now the game has taken things to the next level, and there is no more need to bring physical boards with you on a camping trip and other travel. Everything offered by the physical board is included in the mobile application. In addition, you can access extra maps and add-ons that are not in physical games.
The online version also has a single and multiplayer player mode. In the latter, you can compete with people around the world or are connected locally with friends and members of your family.



This is another classic board game right at the end of your fingers! You can play this card game anywhere and anytime, with friends, or even with strangers. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or veteran, easy to learn and all game rules are included in the application.
Interestingly, the application version also offers new rules and adventures, so if you are familiar with physical card games, you might need to adjust a little and learn new mechanics from online games. It’s okay, because it’s the same as a physical game, online rules are easy to learn. Uno.


Sagrada is a dice drafting board game that allows players to build and build beautifully designed stained glass windows. This is a product of Floodgate games, along with cosmic and holi colonies: color festivals, but the cellular application version is powered by Digital Wolf.
This game may look easy, but don’t be fooled – dice decide what colors and nuances you can use, which makes it complicated. For example, dice with the same color or number may not be positioned next to each other.
The application version basically functions the same as physical games. The only difference is that the color of the dice on the application is brighter and fuller, plus there are additional animated effects. You can also play games alone by competing with AI applications.