Hockey Gifts That are a Slapshot of Happiness to the Face

If you need to get a gift idea for hockey fans in your life, then you have come to the right place! Out of the penalty box and the Stanley Cup hoist of the championship trophy giving gifts with one of these amazing hockey prizes!

NHL game uses a hockey stick bottle opener

NHL Game Used Hockey Stick Bottle Opener

This opener is made from the authentic part of the stick used by your NHL team which retires from his days to win a face-off and make countless shooting on the goal. The multilevel fragments are given a new life for hockey fans to break open cold drinks while setting to monitor their team on ice. Each appetizer is carved with a team name and includes a holographic label to open further details online from the history of the stick.

NHL Hockey Puck Waffle Maker

The biggest gift around the world is a waffle maker. Correction: The biggest gift around the world is a waffle maker that makes Waffles in the form of NHL logo! This waffle maker creates 4 “NHL logo waffles if the mixture is poured only on the inside or 7” round waffles if the mixture is poured throughout. If your friend likes brunch NHL and Sunday morning at home, then this is a perfect gift!

Chicago Blackhawks NHL Hockey Puck

Chicago Blackhawks NHL Hockey Puck

If your superfan hockey-loving is a fan of certain teams, then the formator of the official puck hockey is a type of gift that will make slapshot their happiness! Choose from a number of NHL teams from Detroit Redwings to Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks. This Chicago souvenir puck is the official 6-ounces slovakia chip that comes with a team logo on the one hand and the NHL shield logo on the opposite side. The center is perfect for anyone cave!

7 × 7 Wayne Gretzky Tile Artwork

There is no list of hockey gifts that will be complete without the type of gift featuring Goat Wayne Gretzky. This piece of artwork of 7 × 7 inch tiles describes Gretzky on ice with one of the most popular motivational quotes at the bottom. You miss 100% of shots that you don’t take. Great advice for life and hockey!

Penny Hockey game.

Even if your skating skills are not worth a cent, you don’t have to put your big-league dreams when you can cash the Stanley Cup in the comfort of your own home. With Penny Puck you are trusted in hand, you can flick the path across the arena, deftly navigate past the “player” shaped plug and digit your competitors to shoot your coin directly into the goal. This game is also present in the soccer version!

Eliminator smells glovestix

GloveStix Odor Eliminator

Hockey players sweat … lots. This smelly stick is an amazing way to neutralize the smell, so roller skates, gloves, helmets, and every piece of hockey gear still smells fresh! If the hockey player in your life works hard and sweating like a crazy person, then this smell removal stick must be owned in their gear bag!

Hockey Puck iPhone Holder

If you have the need to keep your cellphone or iPhone positioned, then what is it better to complete this task than with a hockey-shaped phone holder? This unique cellphone holder is made specifically from the official 6 ounces. solid rubber hockey. They can almost be destroyed and will last for years!