How To Cut Baseboard Outside Corners With Miter Saw 1

Do You Know How To Cut Baseboard Outside Corners With Miter Saw?

Are you looking for the way to cut baseboard outside corners with a miter saw? Here’s step-by-step information to help you do this quickly and efficiently.

For many people, how to cut the baseboard outside corners with a miter saw on their own is not easy. Even if you have the tools and skills ready, there’s still a chance that the baseboard outside corners isn’t as complete as you think.

Don’t worry; here’s the step-by-step information to help you cut baseboard outside corners with a miter saw quickly and effectively the first time. If you don’t know how to choose the best one, let read best miter saw for beginners

We do this easily through the following steps:

  • Prepare safe conditions
  • Measure baseboard outside
  • Saw adjustment
  • Carry out sawing
  • Sanding and finishing

Let’s get started!

How To Cut Baseboard Outside Corners With Miter Saw

The Method To Cut Baseboard Outside Corners With A Miter Saw

This section will show you exactly what to do in each specific step.

Prepare Safe Conditions

Before going into practice with measuring or sawing operations with miter, you should make sure you are in a safe condition.

Specifically, you should turn off the power or turn off the switch of the saw before placing a piece of board in it. Also, remember not to keep your hair long and not to wear loose clothes.

Finally, put on protective eyewear to ensure that dust and sawdust do not get into your eyes during the sawing process.

How To Cut Baseboard Outside Corners With Miter Saw 1

Measure Baseboard Outside

In this step, you just need to use a ruler to measure the length of the base of the wall that you want to cut.

Make sure the base angles and edge lengths are correct when cutting. If your baseboard has studs, you should mark the baseboard outside when cutting errors as little as possible.

Saw Adjustment

For the outer wall, you will make a cut of the two outer corners 45 degrees each and set the bevel to 0 degrees.

In addition to adjusting the angle and fit with the saw blade, you should also use a pencil to mark. You can draw a pencil line to make sure that when sawing, there is no risk of misalignment.

Carrying Out Sawing

You must use both hands during sawing. One hand holds the saw; the other holds the board in a fixed position. Then you slowly move the saw blade down through the wood until the cut is complete.

How To Cut Baseboard Outside Corners With Miter Saw 2

Note that you must do it slowly, slowly, and firmly to make sure the saw blade does not deflect.

The saw blade will be more or less under pressure from your hand, so you have to calmly control the force in your hand. Limit blade movement too fast to avoid the uneven cutting plane.

Sanding And Finishing

Now it’s time for you to join the two pieces together, and we will have a 90-degree origin. However, after the joints are joined together, many possible gaps appear. You can use wood glue for filling or wood filler.

You should wait for these crevices to dry completely; you can also remove the excess by sanding them. You can also use caulk glue applied along the base of the wall to fill in cracks and crevices.

Some Tips To Cut The Baseboard Outside Corners


To get the perfect baseboard outside corners with the miter saw, you must make sure all the roots are correct. Take your measurements slowly and carefully to make sure the angles are as perfect as possible.

How To Cut Baseboard Outside Corners With Miter Saw 3

Shaping The Cut

During the cutting process, it is more likely that the cut produced will not have the correct shape. Therefore, when cutting, you will shape the cut exactly.

To do this, you should fix your hand and use moderate force during the sawing process to prevent the saw blade from going in the wrong direction or deflecting. It is this that greatly affects the cutting error.

Cover Cut Corners

Most cuts don’t come naturally, you have to make them perfect afterward. A good tip for us is that you have to cover them with caulk or other objects cleverly. After the glue is completely dry, use sandpaper to smooth the surface.


This action can be the key to everything. You should focus on minimizing the number of mistakes. Just practice sawing until you perfect your skills.


So, the method to cut baseboard outside corners with a miter saw is clear. However, what matters is your skills and work attitude.

You just keep practicing and applying skills to the cutting process with a miter saw; you will get the results you want.

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