Best Campaign Board Games for 2021

The best campaign board game is a recent addition to my desk gaming rack. Until recently, I liked the fast game that I could play in group or one-on-one – I never even considered the idea that there was an impersive story game out there to rival the charm of the single game that I had played.
It all changed when Gloomhaven came into my life. It’s a little excessive – I haven’t played it because of the time of time and table space, but the adventure promises me excited about all kinds of games that scratched the same itchy.
Because I have done a lot of research on these games, I think I’ll share my findings with you! Read on for our recommendations of the best campaign board games in 2021.
With all this, let’s get a list of the best campaign board games!


Gloomhaven is a fantasy RPG full of exploration, battle, and sufficient underground prison to satisfy even the most ambitious adventurers. You and fellow players take the role of several different pre-written characters, use their background and special skills to make your way through the massive story of intrigue and fantastic monsters.
The story structure of branching the game means that players have a lot of control over where adventure is running, even though this campaign has been written before. They will work cooperatively through several sessions, using a game card-based battle system to pass every scenario and to the next.

Game Against Potter With 300 Cards – Party Game Against (Digital Dowload)

Game Against Potter With 300 Cards – Party Game Against

The basic game is simple, you discuss about 7-10 white answer cards for each player, 1 person pulls a black answer card and read it for everyone to fill the empty part. Everyone except the master question sends their answers to the center, trying to make the most silly, rude, funny, crazy answer they can. The master question reads the question and fills the blank part with the answer and chooses the best answer. The best answer won a black question card and finally taken into account as a point towards the end of the game. Honestly no one cares about the points like that funny game to play with a group of friends even non-potte fans will enjoy this game. Cards against muggles pdf.

Legacy Pandemic: Season 1

We have talked about the legacy of the previous Pandemi in the list of our best resource management games, but it is included in this list too. This story is regulated in a world disturbed by a disease that spreads rapidly (doesn’t that sound familiar?), And you and other players must advance from the plague before punishing humanity.
You will take a campaign of more than 12-24 months in the match, take careful action to track disease, develop care, and more. You will want to be careful and strategic, because the stakes are high. Will you arrange the top pandemic on a pandemic, or will the world fall into chaos?

Heritage of betrayal

Betrayal Legacy

The inheritance of betrayal takes exploration of betrayal houses at home on a hill to a new level, streamlining gameplay and adding deeper stories. The narrative survived outside a match, with characters who moved in and out of the story when the tortured family continued to return home that disturbed their darkest memories.
You will explore the house, find and use items (or continue to your offspring as “heirloom”), and prepare for inevitable betrayal during “ghosts.” Life is on the phone during the stage of this game, so pay attention to your steps – your closest friends can be your biggest enemy.

Risk: Legacy

Risk: Legacy is one of the first relief board games, taking classic risk game and adding intrigue elements and permanently which ultimately creates a new genre. This is another game designed by Rob Daviau, so the settings take a similar approach to betrayal – it maintains many classic risk gameplay elements while adding a few bends that expand the story and allow for a longer campaign.
This campaign is usually played across fifteen sessions, although you can continue to change the game even after the winner has been determined. At the beginning of the game, you will get control over one of five factions, each with different strengths and rules in the game. Your goal is to eliminate other players and opposing factions or get enough victory points to advance.
Each session is considered an independent risk game, but there are greater implications in the hand. The decisions you make in one session can permanently affect the game, because some rules are not available until later in the campaign, and the others are literally discarded. The best strategy helps you win in the long term and short term, so be careful with the risk you take.



If you are a fan of worker placement games (or if you enjoy the game in our best games like Catan List), Charterstone is probably a campaign game for you. You and fellow players have been assigned to establish a new village in the Kingdom of Greengully. Even though you all work together in the same village, Charterstone is a competitive game – every player has their own unique abilities and must try to maintain their profits because the village continues to grow.
This might seem a bit strange for the brand of campaign games as “most replayable,” because many games in this list are designed to be played only once. Charterstone is different in the gameplay does not have to stop as soon as the twelve session campaign is complete – at the end of the game, the player will make a fully unique worker placement game that can be played again and time again.
If you miss the legacy elements and want to try it again, you can even buy one of the available game refill packages and play the entire campaign again from the start using a two-sided game board. Because the game can be played solo or with a group, this is a great way to create your own custom charterstone version, as well as the version you collect with friends.

End of Aeon: Heritage

Tabletop Roundup Series Fans We can recognize Aeon’s End from our best Deck-Building game list. You will dive deeper into the story of the grave and magicians who protect it, learn more about scary monsters that disturb the city and violations that threaten them all.
End of Aeon: Heritage is still a deck-builderative game, newly designed for a larger campaign. Ordering variables from the original game removed for a more organized system where players play spells, buy new cards, and do other actions that increase their chances of survival when the match is getting harder from time to time. We consider it the best two player campaign boards – the same as the classic version, it’s better to play it with a smaller group.
As a quick note, you don’t need to have a AEON final copy to play Aeon: heritage. However, some players recommend at least some familiarity with the classic game to make everything easier. This campaign can be played as an independent game, but your choice produces decks that can be used for Aeon’s final gameplay regularly or as expansion to the version you already have!