Best Board games for Android in 2021

Game board game genre is one of the earliest and has been there for centuries. According to the study, the oldest board game dating back to 3500 BC. C. And even after hundreds of years, is still very popular board game. In the modern era, the game board can be enjoyed on our smartphones and there are plenty of board games available. We have put together the best board games for Android.
One of the great advantages brought by their board games in the mobile version they are likely to be able to play anywhere and anytime. There are times, like a long wait at the airport, late in the evening with friends, a visit to a family member’s home, perfect for traditional board games online.
On the other hand, most of the digital board games allow online multiplayer mode, in the same manner agreed to play remotely with other family members or friends without the need to physically together.
As a downside, if you are playing from a distance, is that you lose the moments of laughter, anecdotes, and even healthy competitiveness moment with one of your relatives, which makes the game board beautiful and warm.
Most of us can remember everything from classics like Monopoly for a more modern games such as a pandemic. If you want to use your Android device to play it, the following is the best board game for Android.
Are you struggling to get a group of people together to play games, or you just want to quickly try out some strategies, or even skip the heavy books and learn the game by means of interactive, game digital board is here to make you pass a good time and make you forget your troubles.
Here are some of the best board games for your Android phone that is available in digital format and you definitely should check out:

Tickets to ride

Tickets for the ride is a classic board game that is optimized for smartphones. It is an adventure game trains the background. You should try to claim railway routes connecting cities that appear on your train card, a longer route that you connect will give you more points, but make sure you can connect these cities are or will cost you more.

Box Game Against Avengers – Avengers Game Against (Digital Dowload)

Box Game Against Avengers – Avengers Game Against“Box against Avenger! For Avengers fans and Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Warning: Contains a spoiler!
The box against Avenger is equipped with 189 white cards, 50 black cards.

This game includes a rough and explicit language and is not intended for children. This handy avengers cards against article.


The board game was designed in 1995 by Klaus Teuber, is one of the most popular board game today. Catan is a game about 50 minutes, perfect for family play, because no one eliminated.
It consists of creating towns and cities with the materials you collect, until you get 10 points. The popularity of these games is caused by that in each turn of each player participating in the game all the players involved, thereby eliminating the waiting time between turns.



Classic classic. Invented in 1903 by Elizabeth Magie, a game designer American, Monopoly is a board game based on the purchase and sale of property.
The board game consists of taking over the monopoly board, get all the properties that appear on it. Token game where players take turns in rolled and moved in a circular board, that is, to have no end. Family games are very entertaining and easy to play, where you can spend a whole afternoon, without knowing it!


Game Board of Group Blending Par Excellence. One of the most fun board games that have fun as a family!
The Pictionary consists of a guessing word using a whiteboard, pen and player, without being able to speak, make a sound or give a gesture. Group members must guess maximum words that might be withdrawn by one of their colleagues in the specified time.
In the application version, the mobile screen or tablet is used as a blackboard, the fingers of the player as a pen and includes a stopwatch to calculate time. Without a doubt, this board will make you a lot of laughter and good vibration moments.


ScrabbleLike the original, people who make up many words will get the best score and win the game. In addition, the more complex words, the more points we will get.

Free chess

Chess is another game that does not need presentations, even though the twelve levels of the game, from beginners to experts, can come in a good case you play it for the first time.

Raiders of the North Sea

Raiders of the North Sea

Raiders of the North Sea is a game based on tactical board games which are now digitally adapted for Android smartphones. You have to build your own village and make it prosperous, collect the robber crew on a long ship to find another village to loot and loot valuable resources and property to grow your own village. Build facilities in your city and update whenever possible.
This game uses a turn-based strategy, using a card system to develop buildings and fight rivals and fight against AI in a single player campaign.

Anti Hero

Antihero is a strategic adventure game where you have to use subtle or not so subtle strength to build the kingdom of thieves. You have to try building a strong and skilled burglar and works your way to become a guild where people come to pay you to do work with low hands and much better on what you do.
Use hiding, cunning, bribery, squeeze and murder to get what you want. You can also go through a story-based campaign and play against AI. You can play in casual multiplayer PvP and rank. In addition, you must manage your wealth and employ new recruitment, improve skills, get weapons and arrange traps.

Twilight struggle

Twilight Struggle

One of the best board games for Android is the Twilight struggle, this is a game where you face the Cold War era center while playing and controls one of these 2 superpower countries while they try to spread your influence throughout the world using political influence, among others.

Card games based on real historical events that occur around today such as the Cuban missile crisis, Vietnam war, and more. You can play against AI or play multiplayer in salary and playing, asynchronous or online real time, in game tutorials, player ranking systems, online profiles, and others.