With the countdown to the holidays in full swing, shopping for presents can be a daunting task. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Our 30 Days of Gifting has rounded up 30 fabulous gift ideas under $100 that will satisfy everyone on your list. From Amazon bestsellers and five-star rated picks to editors’ go-to gifts and Real Simple reader favorites – there is something special here for all kinds of family members, even those who are impossible to shop for! These beloved finds won’t fail please anybody so start checking people off your holiday shopping list today!

Gold Name Necklace

A gold name necklace is the perfect gift for someone special in your life. Choose from a number of charming shapes and designs, including stylish script fonts and delicate hand-drawn styles. With a variety of delightful charms, beads, and other adornments, you can create an extra special piece that’s sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Whether for yourself or for someone else you care about, a gold name necklace presents a timeless symbol of love that will never go out of fashion.

Hair Dryer Brush

Does your sister or aunt feel like they’re always running late in the morning? Investing in this multi-tasking brush and blow dryer could be their saving grace! Not only will it help them achieve a salon worthy look with ease, but Real Simple readers can’t get enough – racking up an impressive 37,000 five star reviews on Amazon. With just minutes of styling time you’ll make every day feel special again.

Minted Dopp Kit

Make their skincare dreams come true with a stylish dopp kit! This would be the perfect gift for that special someone on your list who takes pride in their daily routine. Plus, Real Simple readers can get 15% off when they use code RSHOLIDAY22 at checkout – don’t let this deal pass you by! Give them something to smile about and shop now before 12/31/2022.

DIY Root Beer Science Kit

Are you a fan of science and delicious food? Then why not try your hand at creating the ultimate craft brew, root beer! With an all-natural combination of sassafras extract and brewing yeast, this is one home experiment that parents can be sure to enjoy. So grab your equipment and get ready for some tasty concoctions!

Conair Handheld Fabric Steamer

Give the perfect gift of effortless wrinkle-free wardrobe maintenance! Our top pick, in handheld steamer product testing, means you can easily maintain a crisp and professional look without ever having to lug around an ironing board.

Material The Table Knives

Any aspiring home chef knows the importance of having a good knife set; it can elevate an ordinary cook to extraordinary heights! Give your special someone something that suits their style with our five vibrant handle colors. Make cooking even more enjoyable and take culinary creativity up a notch – grab our amazing knives today!

Memo Water Bottles

If your friends and family are feeling bogged down, help them hydrate with a unique Memo water bottle! Its slim design allows it to be easily tucked into any work bag or backpack. Plus the silicone sleeve guards against bumps AND adds stylish vibrancy. Get ready for better focus – sip away those symptoms of dehydration!

Cordless Handheld Vacuum

For the neat freak in your life, give them something that perfectly reflects their obsession with cleanliness: a handheld vacuum! Lightweight and USB rechargeable, they can keep it on hand to make sure car seats stay crumb-free at all times. Not only is this gift practical – it’s also guaranteed to become one of their favorites!

Bala Resistance Bands Set

For those committed to getting fit from the comfort of their own homes, a set of chic resistance bands and some light weights are all that’s needed to supercharge at-home Pilates or get through an intense HIIT workout.

Amazon Echo Dot

Give the gift of convenience and entertainment with Amazon Echo Dot! Setup is a breeze, just five minutes to get your loved ones up-and-running. With features like audio books, music streaming, light control and more that are tailored specifically for their needs – you’ll make any family member or friend happy this holiday season!

The Game Kibble Dispenser

Want to give a pet parent something special? How about an interactive toy that’s sure to provide hours of entertainment for both them and their fur baby! This unique kibble dispenser is designed with Fido in mind – it encourages natural, instinctive behaviors like hunting while helping pup owners protect furniture from boredom-fueled misbehavior. With up to 30 minutes of activity provided by this thoughtfully crafted device, furry friends everywhere can enjoy playtime the way nature intended!

Seeing Stars Astrology Books

Give your loved ones the perfect present with these star sign books! Perfect for Taureans, Libras and Leos alike, you can give each of them a book to discover what’s in store as they journey through inspiring passages. Not just another gift idea – this is an opportunity to bond over astrological revelations that could even shape their destinies!

Dog Water Bottle

Our team at Real Simple is always looking for new, clever products that make life easier and more enjoyable. We recently uncovered a remarkable water bottle specifically designed to meet your pup’s hydration needs! The genius design combines the convenience of an on-the-go drinking container with the practicality of a bowl in one amazing package – no more carrying around separate items or pouring from cup to bowl ever again!

Cordless Power Scrubber

Give the gift of a sparkling clean home this holiday season with an innovative stocking stuffer—perfect for making bathroom grout sparkle! This cleaning tool is sure to become every tidy-minded aficionado’s new favorite.

Classic Starter Sheet Set

Give the gift of a restful night with these percale sheets! Featuring cooling technology, they’ll make those uncomfortable nights in summer or from frequent night sweats feel like distant memories. Sweet dreams are just around the corner.

Too Faced Natural Matte Palette

From board meetings to weddings, Real Simple editors always reach for this chic eyeshadow palette. Its neutral mixes of browns and beiges provide a perfect look no matter the occasion – bringing out subtle undertones that make every eye sparkle!

Immersion Hand Blender

Give your loved one the gift of culinary creativity with an immersion blender! A convenient tool for making soup, cocktails, and sauces at home – all without taking up too much counter space. Plus make sure to include a delicious recipe you want them to prepare specifically for you – it’s a win-win situation that any cook would love!

Ribbed Mohair Blend Beanie

This winter, keep your friends feeling fashionable and toasty with a vibrant knit hat. Choose from eight stunning colors – each hue designed to showcase every individual’s unique personality or fashion sense!

Spa Escape Bath & Body Gift Set

Does the special someone in your life deserve a little extra pampering? Show them you care by gifting this delightful mini spa package packed with travel-size treats! Inside, they’ll find luxurious lavender bath gel to make shower time more enjoyable, nourishing mud face mask that keeps skin looking its best, and other goodies designed specifically for relaxing moments of self-care.

Cooling Pillow + Pillow Protector

Give the gift of restful nights with a cool and comfortable pillow set. This cotton-crafted pair comes complete with an antimicrobial shell, making it perfect for that special someone who could use some extra zzzs! Machine washable so they’ll never have to worry about replacing their pillows again – sound like bliss?

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

For your chilly chum, this rechargeable hand warmer provides long-lasting warmth that can banish the bitter cold of even the iciest office. No matter how low the temperature gets, their fingers won’t feel a thing!

Elisa Gold Pendant Necklace

This stunning gemstone pendant necklace has captivated hearts of fashion-lovers and bookworms alike! With more than 20 different stone options, it’s the perfect way to give your loved one something that is both meaningful and stylish – whether they choose a birthstone or their favorite hue.

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